Ammorra. Reproducing Reproduction.

Pregnancy? Unhealthy women? Unhealthy babies? Infertility? Not with Ammorra.

Our goal is to make babies without mommies. Stop the suffering of 3.5 B women worldwide who have a reproductive illness.

[A-m]- MORR(e)- [a ] love for women’s bodies.
1. Provide females with new options for monitoring pre-partum, during pregnancy, and post-partum
2. Provide artificial wombs, artificial sperms and monitoring for fertility.


Using nanosensors to test for vital diseases that a mother may be susceptible to during pregnancy. Nanoswimmers would be used as molecular delivery vehicles to work as treatment methods for any reproductive diseases/illnesses detected by nanosensors.


Allowing for the option of creating lab grown artificial sperms and eggs to create an embryo using stem cells. The embryo would be sustained in an artificial womb. This process would produce a healthy baby and help infertile, or working moms.

More effecient pregnancy

This will give women more options for fertility and allow them to become more aware of what's going on in their bodies so that they can treat complications quicker. This will ensure a healthy pre-partum, pregnancy and post-partum.

10-year plan


It won't be easy to accomplish all this. This is why our team has a created a 10 year plan for how we hope to implement these solutions.

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Meet Our Team


Alishba Imran

Alishba is a Machine Learning, Blockchain developer and Nanotechnology researcher. She is passionate about solving issues in healthcare and women's reproduction. She is also the co-founder of Honestblocks, a blockchain pharma application.


Isabella Grandic

Isabella is a 15 year old tissue engineering researcher, machine learning developer and nanotech researcher. She is passionate about using technology for social good, and has worked in the foodtech space, finding an alternative to fetal bovine serum.


Ria Chakraborty

Ria Chakraborty is looking into the development of quantum communication networks and is looking into applications of quantum internet simulations for various different communication and security purposes.